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3 Must-Knows Before Your Property Site Visit in Karnataka

Three crucial things to know before visiting a potential property site, especially in Karnataka, India. Here's a breakdown of why each one is important:

1. DC Converted:

  • DC conversion stands for Deputy Commissioner conversion.

  • It's the legal process of changing agricultural land to non-agricultural use like residential or commercial.

Why it matters:

  • Buying land that hasn't undergone DC conversion can be risky.

  • You might not be able to get a loan for construction on unconverted land.

  • There's a chance authorities could demolish any structures built on unconverted land.

2. Property Khatha Certificate:

  • A Khatha certificate is a document issued by the local municipal authority.

  • It specifies details like ownership, size, and type of land.

  • There are two main types of Khatha certificates:

  • A Khata: Issued for properties with proper approval for non-agricultural use (like DC converted land).

  • B Khata: Issued for properties with some conversion issues or located outside municipal limits.

Why it matters:

  • An A Khata is generally preferred as it signifies a legally compliant property.

  • Having an A Khata makes it easier to get utilities connected, sell the property later, and avail of loans.

3. Approved By:

  • This refers to the authority that has approved the development plans for the property.

Why it matters:

  • Depending on the property type (residential, commercial), approvals could come from various bodies like:

  • Municipal corporation (like BBMP in Bangalore)

  • Development authority (like BMRDA in Bangalore)

  • Knowing the approving body ensures the development adheres to regulations and minimizes future complications.

In summary:

  1. By checking these three aspects (DC conversion, Khatha type, and approval body) before a site visit, you can make a more informed decision about the property's legality and suitability for your needs.

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