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BDA, Illegal layouts come up in Karanth Layout extension

BDA is keen to put an end to such layouts that have mushroomed in the last four months without permission from the authorities, said multiple sources. BENGALURU: With the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) planning to extend readied Dr Shivarama Karanth Layout in north Bengaluru by 2,095 acres, unscrupulous landowners who have got wind of it have hurriedly formed unauthorised layouts and are selling plots, or have put up structures to stall acquisition of their properties.

BDA is keen to put an end to such layouts that have mushroomed in the last four months without permission from the authorities, said multiple sources.

Last Friday (June 7), the Authority demolished an unauthorised layout on 5 acres in JB Kaval village that falls within the Karanth layout. This was just the tip of an iceberg here, a top official said.

A senior BDA official told TNIE, “Nearly six months ago, we had proposed an extension to the Layout. It is still to be approved by the government. Internally, we began identifying land and had earmarked 2,095 acres and 28.5 guntas across 13 villages.”

Documents accessed by TNIE reveal the extension will come on vacant land in Avalahalli, Jarakabandekaval, Lingarajapura, Myalappanahlli, Mavallipura, Dodda Bylakere, Kondashettyhalli, Lingarajsagara, Kasaghattapura, Kempapura, Chikkabanavara, Soladevanahalli and Kumarahalli. They fall under the BDA Planning Area limits.

“With the information about the exact survey numbers and location somehow reaching agricultural landowners, a good number of them, whose land was being planned for acquisition have quickly formed layouts or built houses. They are laying roads, and providing electricity connections hurriedly. They are marking the plots and numbering them to make them look like proper layouts. This can be done in just a few weeks. In Karanth layout, the rate for sites is fixed at Rs 4,900 per sqft. These landowners are making a killing by selling these sites for a little less to gullible site buyers,” he added.  

Before building a house or layout, landowners are expected to follow three rules, said another official. First, the agricultural land has to be converted to a non-agricultural one with the consent of the deputy commissioner, Bengaluru Urban. Second, the plan for the proposed layout requires written consent from town planning members and finally, the building plan needs to get the nod from the engineering cell of BDA. “If these steps are not followed, the layouts are illegal. Public needs to check these aspects,” he stressed.

Some owners have hastily erected structures. “They will use this as an excuse to approach the court and request a stay on acquisition of their properties,” he added.

Asked how it went undetected for months, a senior official said that just five engineers take care of the massive layout and the proposed extension. “We need to have a good number of staff, modelled on the lines of BBMP marshals to keep vigil and stop any illegal construction,” he added. Source:

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