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Karnataka Launches Automatic Mutation of RTCs From March 13

Starting Wednesday, the state government will roll out automatic mutation for records of rights, tenancy and crops (RTC), Revenue Minister Krishna Byre Gowda announced here.

Gowda said mutation - the process to record change in land ownership - will be made automatic in 72 per cent of the documents. Under the new system, the thumb impression of the revenue inspector will not be required and everything will be done online, the minister said. 

“In the last six months, 14.21 lakh RTC entries have been done across the state, of which 72 per cent can be considered for auto-mutation. In the rest 28 per cent, notices will be issued with a 15-day waiting period to understand if there are any issues (or objections),” Gowda said.  According to the minister, the 28 per cent of the entries under the waiting period are related to sale deed, gift deed, inheritance, civil court orders and minor guardians. “Such entries will not be considered immediately for auto-mutation and it is to avoid any kind of litigation,” the minister added.

There will be no human interference in the auto-mutation system and this will also put an end to the menace of touts. 

Aadhaar linking

In the pilot launched to link Aadhaar with RTCs, the department officials have approached 19 lakh farmers, of whom around 6 lakh farmers have died. Still, the documents are in their names. 

To resolve this, the department has decided to conduct an adalat to link Aadhaar with RTCs. According to the minister, linking Aadhaar with RTCs will help stop fraudulent activities. 

By amending the rules, the department is even linking Aadhaar during the registration itself. As it cannot be done mandatory, the department is doing it on voluntary basis. 

Sub-registrar offices

To help the working class get their registration works done, the department has decided to keep sub-registrar offices open even on Sundays on a rotation basis in every district. This is already implemented in Bengaluru and soon will be extended to all corporation cities. To compensate for working on Sundays, the plan is to give them off on Tuesdays as registrations that day are less, Gowda said. Source:

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